The Sansar Store

Sansar Store

The Sansar Store is a repository of items, including 3D models, C# scripts, audio, and other content that are created and sold by Sansar content creators and the Sansar team. The Sansar Store is a great way to share your creations and expand your creative options.

Buying items from the Sansar Store

If you want to create your own experience but don't have the content to populate your scene, you can browse from a growing inventory of items in the Sansar Store. Simply purchase the items you need in the Sansar Store and they are automatically added to your scene inventory. For more information, see Buying items from the Sansar Store.

Selling items in the Sansar Store

As a content creator, you can share your original content and allow other people to use your creations to enhance their Sansar experience. For more information on how to list your items on the Sansar Store, see Selling items in the Sansar Store.

Content creators who are interested in selling their content in the Sansar Store are required to adhere to the Item Listing Guidelines.

The Sansar Dollar

The Sansar Dollar (S$) is the unit of trade in Sansar. In order to buy items in the store, you need to buy Sansar Dollars (S$) or sell content you have created.

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