In Sansar, you have the ability to gather a nearly-unlimited amount of people in your event.

This is accomplished through our Instancing feature. When a scene reaches its designated max capacity, Sansar will automatically create a copy of that scene. These copies are called "Instances"

When multiple instances are created, users can choose which Instance they want to be in.

To do this:

  • Open your Codex, and select the world you desire by clicking the world's portrait. (NOT the "Visit" button)

  • Click on "View Instances"

  • Select an Instance from the list.

If you and your friends become separated in different Instances you can easily find each other.

Simply go to:

  • "View Instances"

  • Click on "Share my instance URL"

You will then be able to copy and paste your instance URL to your friends and they can follow you to the instance that you are currently occupying.

With this knowledge you can now successfully travel between Instances in Sansar and bring your friends along with you!

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