Allowing Resale Of Items

Allowing resale of store items

When editing a listing for one of your items in the Sansar Store, you can choose to allow buyers to resell your item, either on its own or as part of one of their creations. When you choose to allow this, you must set a minimum resale price. Then, whenever someone resells your creation, you receive the resale price as a commission!

Resale allows creators to profit when their work is used in someone else's creation. For example, if one creator sets a resale price on some exceptional automotive wheels and another creator buys those wheels and adds them to a car he's selling, the wheel creator receives a commission every time the car is sold.

Setting a resale price

Buyer's permissions

You may only set a resale price on any store item whose permissions have been set to Property Changes Only. For more information on buyer's permissions, see Buyer's Permissions.

If the item is set to Full Permissions, or if the listing predates the introduction of the permissions system, you must update your store listing with an object that allows Property Changes Only.

Caution: If you sell an item with full permissions, you are allowing the buyer to do whatever they want with the item, which can include reselling it without paying you a commission! Be careful when selling objects with full permissions.

Resale price

To set the resale price:

  1. Edit a new or existing listing in the Sansar Store.

  2. Under Price, set the price at which you would like to sell the item.

  3. Check the box next to Buyer can resell this item for a minimum price of:.

  4. In the field below Buyer can resell this item for a minimum price of, set the minimum price at which buyers can resell the item. This is your item's resale price.

The resale price of your item is the amount you receive whenever the item is resold by a buyer. If the reseller also wishes to make a profit from your work, they must increase the price above the resale price of your item (hence the minimum price at which buyers can resell the item).

In most cases, your resale price should be equal to or higher than your regular sale price. Otherwise, someone could buy your item and sell it at a lower price to undercut you.

Licensed and unlicensed items

All items created before October 9, 2018 are considered unlicensed. Because these items were created before the introduction of the resale feature, we don't have the necessary information to properly credit all the creators whose work went into the item. This means that unlicensed items can never be resold by buyers in the Sansar Store.

Notes: If any part of a combined item is unlicensed, it may not be sold in the Sansar Store.

All items created after October 9, 2018 are considered licensed, which means that we have tracked the information necessary to send a commission to all the relevant creators whose work went into the object, and the terms under which they sold the content.

You may still choose to not allow buyers to resell your item, even if it is licensed.

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