Linking A Scene To A World

Linking a scene to a world

It is possible to link an existing world to a different scene template after the world has been created or after a linked scene is deleted from the world. This can be used to easily update, back up, or completely change the content of a world without breaking existing links to the world or needing to publish a new world.

Linking a scene

To link an existing world to a new scene layout:

  1. Go to the My Worlds panel.

  2. Select the world that you want to link a scene to.

  3. In the popup menu, choose Link to another scene.

    Select Link to another scene.

  4. This opens a dialog where you can link your world to a new scene template. From the dropdown menu, choose a new scene template or choose 'no scene' if you want to unlink the current scene from the world.

    Choose a scene from the dropdown menu.

  5. Once you selected a scene to link, click Replace to change the scene template linked to the world you are managing.

    Click Replace.

Scene template tags

Here is a list of tags that may be attached to your scene template in the scene dropdown menu:

  • (unpublished) - The selected scene must first be built before it can be used in a world. You can build your scene in the Scene Editor.

  • (in use) - If you choose a scene that is already linked to another world, the scene is reassigned to the new world and is unlinked from the older world.

  • (current) - The selected scene is the currently linked scene for this world.

  • no tag - Unused scenes have no tags attached to the scene in the dropdown menu.


  • You can not link a world to a scene template that is currently being edited. To link a world to that scene, simply leave the scene that is being edited.

  • A world can only be linked to one scene at a time. However, it is possible to teleport between worlds using URLs and teleport scripts in order to transition from one scene to another without visiting the Prime Portal or using the Codex.

  • Likewise, each scene can only be linked to one world at a time, but you may make a copy of a scene template by creating a new world using the scene as the starting content.

  • If you attempt to link a second world to a scene, the first world becomes unlinked in favor of the new world.

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