Wearing Rigged Clothing

Wearing rigged clothing

Rigged clothing is clothing that has been designed in a 3D modeling tool and has been rigged to move with your avatar's skeleton. Each piece of rigged clothing must usually be created to fit over a specific avatar body shape, and cannot be altered once uploaded to Sansar.

Wearing rigged clothing

Once you have purchased or uploaded some clothing, you can add it to your avatar the same way you would add any other piece of clothing or accessory. Some rigged clothing comes standard in your Sansar Lookbook:

  1. Open the Lookbook by clicking the Lookbook button in the App Launcher.

    Open the Lookbook.

  2. Select an avatar from the Lookbook and click Customize.

  3. Click the Clothing tab to view your available clothing. Marvelous designer clothing is marked with a Marvelous Designer logo; all other clothing is rigged clothing.

    Click the thumbnails in the Clothing tab to wear or remove clothing.

  4. Click the thumbnails in the clothing tab to add or remove articles of clothing. Note that there is currently a limit on the number of pieces of clothing you can wear at one time.

Compatibility with Marvelous Designer clothing

Sansar also supports Marvelous Designer clothing, which may stretch to fit multiple body types and can be adjusted on your avatar using cloth simulation. Rigged and Marvelous Designer clothing may be worn together, and Marvelous Designer clothing can be worn over rigged clothing. Use the appearance editor to adjust the fit of the Marvelous Designer clothing to correct any obvious interpenetration by the rigged mesh clothing.

A note about layering clothing

It is possible for clothing to interpenetrate, or "poke through" other clothing under certain circumstances. Typically, Sansar avoids this issue by hiding any clothing or body parts that are covered by a layer of clothing. However, any layer of clothing that includes transparency prevents the layer underneath from being hidden.

For example, if your avatar wears a shirt with a hole in it, Sansar must also show the avatar's torso behind the shirt and cannot hide the torso as it normally would. During certain animations, this can cause unexpected overlap or interpenetration between the avatar and layered clothing as they move in slightly different ways.

Creator resources

Avatar reference files

A selection of default avatars, skeletons and poses can be found in the article: Avatar reference files.

Import requirements

See Importing avatar-related items for more information.

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