Setting Script Parameters

Setting script parameters

Some scripts allow you to enter parameters to modify the way the script works. For example, the default script Teleport (Local) requires you to provide X, Y, and Z coordinates as parameters in order to define its teleport destination. Each script is unique, so the name and function of parameters for each script may be different based on how it was defined by the script writer.

Once you've added a script to an object, you can begin to set your script parameters:

  1. To modify a script's parameters, you must first access the object's or the script's properties panel. In the properties panel, look for the Script Settings section.

  2. Under the Script Settings section, click the Script dropdown menu to select the script that you want to use.

    Click the dropdown menu to select from a list of scripts that you have in your inventory.

    Note: If you originally dragged and dropped a script to the object, the dropdown menu field will already have that script selected.

  3. Once a script has been selected, the properties window shows a list of parameters you can modify. Each script is different and may exhibit different parameters that you may set.

If you want to try your hand on some scripts, we highly recommend that you try our example scripts. Each one is unique and allows you to to set different parameters depending on the script's function.

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