Avatar Reference Files

Avatar reference files

The files in this article may be used as a reference when creating clothing, avatars, and animations for Sansar.

Update Notes

updated: August 1, 2019

All reference files have been replaced with the new avatar 2.0 skeleton. Please note that this is the first release of the avatar 2.0 reference files. The reference files will be updated over time with improvements such as a cleaner-looking blender files or including skin textures. You can use these files to start creating clothing, avatars, and animation for the new avatar.

What to expect in this update:

  • Blender bone visualization is currently still a WIP. This is just a display issue and doesn't impact the functionality of the skeletons in Blender.

  • The Blender files are built on version 2.8. If you are not on version 2.8, the blender files may not import properly. We highly recommend upgrading to blender 2.8 for best results.

  • Textures are not included with this pre-released version.

A few things to note:

  • Any content created using the older 1.0 avatar skeleton cannot be uploaded into Sansar.

  • We highly recommend Blender users to update to version 2.8 and above.

    • Using the .blend files provided below with earlier versions of Blender (i.e. 2.78, 2.79) may lead to undesirable visual results within Blender.

    • Using the .fbx files provided below with earlier versions of Blender (i.e. 2.78, 2.79) may lead to unexpected modifications on the skeleton upon importing into Blender.

AABB Bounding Box

The AABB or 'Avatar Active Area Bounding Box' is a box that the Avatar mesh, Accessory/clothing mesh and skeleton must remain within. There is a minimum and maximum size your avatar must adhere too, make sure your avatar is within the maximum and over the minimum otherwise a error may be given on import.

More info on the AABB can be found here: AABB Bounding Box

AABB Reference Files

The avatar skeleton

Full resolution skeleton

Mid resolution skeleton

Low resolution skeleton

Changes with avatar 2.0

Please remember that the following changes will take effect by the end of August 2019.

  • All avatar, rigged clothing, and rigged hair items created using non-avatar 2.0 reference files will no longer be supported upon Avatar 2.0 release.

  • Marvelous Designer clothing, accessories, and emotes created using non-avatar 2.0 reference files may still be compatible and usable.

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