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Quick start: Creating experiences in Sansar

Note: You must install Sansar before continuing with the instructions in this article.
Creator Quick Start Overview
These are the steps we’ll go through to build a basic experience of your own:
Create a new project
  • Launch Sansar and log into your account.
The Sansar login screen.

  • Upon successfully logging in, the Atlas appears. Here, you see other creators' projects as well as your own published experiences. All shows all the experiences in the Atlas; Sansar Studios lists sample experiences for you to explore, and My Experiences is a quick way for you to easily find and visit your own creations.
    Click Create on the far right of the Atlas to open the My Experiences app.
The Atlas. Click Create to open the My Experiences app.

  • Click Create in the My Experiences App to open the Experience Configuration dialog and begin creating a new Experience.
Click Create in the My Experiences app to begin creating a new experience.
  • Give your new experience a name and select the Base Template Layout from the dropdown menu. Click the create button and your new project will be added to your My Experiences list. Feel free to experiment with other templates as well.
Selecting starting content for the experience.

  • Click Edit scene for the newly created experience. This opens edit mode, allowing you to edit your scene.
Click the Edit Scene icon button to begin editing your experience's scene.

Upload or purchase content for your scene
There are two ways you can acquire content to put into your scene:
Intro to Inventory
  • Click on the Inventory tab of the Inventory panel. Your asset should now be the first item on the list.
Your newly uploaded object should be the first item in the Inventory tab of the Inventory panel.

  • To place your object into the scene, drag and drop them from the Inventory panel into the scene. See also Adding objects to a scene.
Build and visit your Experience
  • Click the Build button to finalize your scene and prepare it for visitors. Depending on the complexity of your scene this could take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two.
The Build button.

  • When the build process is complete you are asked if you would like to visit your scene or continue editing. If you choose to visit your scene, edit mode closes and you are taken to the "runtime" live version of your experience.
Visiting a scene with an interesting object.

Publish your experience in the Atlas and share with friends
When you're ready to share your experience with others you can publish your experience in the Atlas, a collection of all the public experiences in Sansar.
While in edit mode, you can publish the experience to the Atlas by clicking Publish to Atlas. For more information on publishing an experience, see Publishing an experience to the Atlas.

You can also share your experience with friends by sending them a URL, regardless of whether your experience is published on the Atlas.

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