Using Animation Skeleton

Using the animation skeleton to create custom animations

We provide a simplified, "lower resolution" animation skeleton that is suitable for creating animations and uploading them to Sansar for your avatar to use. This skeleton is different from our main avatar skeleton and is suitable for creating custom animations but cannot be used to create avatars.

Note: Sansar is able to interpret the animation skeleton for the purposes of importing animations, but any avatars that attempt to use this simplified skeleton are rejected during the import process.

Getting the animation skeleton files

The animation skeleton files can be found in article Avatar reference files.

Customizing animations in Mixamo

Mixamo is a web-based animation customizer that allows you to upload a custom character and customize animations from a large library of stock animations:

  1. Go to and log in with your account.

  2. Once you are logged in, click Upload Character at the top right.

  3. In the Upload A Character window that opens, drag and drop any of the low resolution skeleton files into it. These files can be found in Avatar reference files.

  4. Once the skeleton has successfully uploaded, a preview appears. Click Next to confirm the upload.

  5. Select any animation to see it loaded up on our rig and skeleton for you to preview and tweak.

  6. Click the Download button to download a .fbx file containing this animation on our skeleton. Be sure to use these settings for your download:

    • Format - FBX(.fbx)

    • Skin - With Skin

    • Frames per Second - 30

    • Keyframe Reduction - none

Importing your customized animations to Sansar

For information on how to import your saved custom animation to Sansar, see Custom avatar emotes.

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