Buying Sansar Dollars

If you need Sansar dollars, you can purchase bundles of Sansar dollars directly from the Sansar Store at a fixed rate.

Note: This process begins automatically if you attempt to purchase an item from the Sansar Store and do not have enough Sansar dollars to complete the purchase.

Purchasing Sansar dollars from the Sansar store

To purchase Sansar dollars from the Sansar Store:

  1. While logged into the Sansar website, click Get Sansar dollars in the upper-right corner, next to your profile thumbnail. Alternatively, if you already have Sansar dollars in your wallet, you can also click on your Sansar dollar balance in the same section of the screen.

    Note: This step happens automatically if you attempted to buy something from the Store and did not have enough Sansar dollars.

  2. On the Buy Sansar dollars page, select the bundle you would like to purchase and click the US Dollar amount next to it.

  3. Select a payment method. If you do not currently have a credit card on file, you can add one by clicking Add Credit Card.

  4. Click Pay to finalize the transaction.

  5. The Sansar dollars appear in your Sansar dollar balance. If you were attempting to make a purchase from the Sansar Store, you are returned to the listing page where you can now make your purchase.

If you want to review your purchase later, you can view the transaction history here.

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