Avatar Name and ID

This article explores the roles that both the Avatar Name and Avatar ID play in Sansar.

Avatar Name and Avatar ID

In Sansar, your Avatar Name and Avatar ID play an important role in creating your identity and personal branding. When you first log into the Sansar client, you are asked to name your avatar.

Both the Avatar Name and the Avatar ID are tied to your account, your avatar, the items you have listed on the store, and the worlds that you have created. The name and the ID are used to identify you within Sansar. We highly encourage you to choose your Avatar Name and Avatar ID carefully because the Name and ID are finalized once you hit the Next button.

Avatar Name

Your Avatar Name is the name everyone in Sansar sees and knows you by. For example, this is the name that appears in the Chat app and People app. If you click a user's Avatar Name in the People app, a box expands and shows the user's Avatar ID.

When expanded, the People app also shows the user's Avatar ID. For example, Cara is the Avatar Name and @Cara is the Avatar ID.

If you are a creator, this is also the name that is associated with and shown on your item listing in the Sansar Store and/or on your worlds in the Codex and the Prime Portal.

Avatar Names are not unique and it is possible for multiple users to share the same Avatar Name. For example, there can be multiple users named β€œJohn Smith” in Sansar. However, while multiple users can have the same Avatar Name, they cannot have the same Avatar ID.

Note: The Avatar Name cannot be changed at this time.

Avatar ID

Your Avatar ID is a permanent ID that serves as a unique identifier for each user. This unique ID is linked solely with your account; no two users can have the same Avatar ID. For example, once a user uses "@johnsmith" as a Avatar ID, no one else can use "@johnsmith" as an ID and will have to choose a different one (For example, @johnsmith123).

Note: The Avatar ID is permanent and cannot be changed.

Your Avatar ID helps your friends find you in chat and find the worlds that you have created in Sansar if there are other people using the same name. If you hover your mouse over an Avatar Name on the store or on the worlds listing on the website, a small dialog box appears that shows that person's Avatar ID. This allows people to distinguish similarly named avatars from one another.

It is important to note that the Avatar ID is also embedded in the world URL when you build worlds. This helps tie a world to your account when there are multiple worlds with the same name. As you can see in the image below, the Avatar ID for Sansar Studios, "sansar-studios", is part of the world's URL.

When dealing with scripts, you may be asked to retrieve an Avatar ID to specify a world you want to teleport to. The Teleport remote script is one such example.

Naming your avatar

Naming your avatar is a crucial process in Sansar. Without an Avatar Name and Avatar ID, you are barred from performing certain functions such as purchasing from the web store, participating in the community forums, or submitting a request on our help center.

For a step-by-step guide on the avatar naming process, see Name your avatar.

Identifying an avatar's name and ID

See Identifying and interacting with avatars for information on how to identify an avatar's name and ID in VR. Identifying avatars is currently not available for desktop.

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