Editing an inventory item's name

This article delves into managing avatar-related inventory items. To learn more about managing scene-related items, check out the action menu section of the Scene creation inventory page.

If you imported an avatar item, you may have been prompted to provide an inventory name and image for your avatar upon import. If you skipped adding an image during the import step or want to change the item name, you can do so by editing the item's information. To edit the item's name:

  1. Open the avatar editor by clicking on the Style my avatar button on the main menu.

  2. Once you are in the lookbook, click the Customize button on any avatar look you have on the list. This opens the avatar editor, where you can access your inventory panel.

  3. On the inventory panel, simply right-click on the item that you want to manage and a sub-menu opens.

  4. Click Edit Info in the sub-menu. A panel that allows you to change the inventory image or name appears.

  5. To change the name of the item, simply type the new name on the Name of item in inventory field.

  6. Click on Update to finalize your changes.

note: If you plan to sell the item in the store, the inventory name you designated also appears in the item buyer's inventory. Make sure to finalize the name prior to starting the listing process or you can change the inventory name as it appears to other users' from the edit listings page. Inventory level changes don't propagate to any active listings.

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