Importing a custom emote animation

You can import custom animations for use as avatar emotes. The file must be in .FBX format.

To import a custom emote:

  1. Open the Lookbook by choosing Create > Style my avatar from the menu buttons.

    Choose Style My Avatar from the Create menu.

  2. Select an avatar look and click the Customize button to open the avatar look editor.

  3. Select the Animation tab in the Avatar panel.

  4. Click the Library tab at the top of the Avatar panel.

  5. Click the Import button to open the Import Character Animation panel.

    Click Import to import an emote animation.

  6. Click Browse and choose a .FBX file from your computer. The .FBX file must contain an animation or it will fail to import.

  7. Enter a name for the animation in the Name of item in inventory field.

  8. Click the Import button.

  9. Wait for the import to finish, then click the Close button to close the Import Character Animation panel.

  10. The imported emote animation now appears in the Library tab of the Animation tab in the Avatar panel.

See Previewing and setting custom emotes to learn how to set a custom animation on an emote slot.

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