Deploying Unpublished Event to Event World

Event-specific version of a published world that you want to use for an event listing.

Deploying unpublished NON-event world content to an event world

Say you've created a private, event-specific version of a published world that you want to use for an event listing — yet you can't select it during the event creation process! Initial events can only link to published worlds, to register them as connected for popularity metrics.

However, after you've created that event, you can easily link the event to ANY unpublished content.

Here's a simple workaround you can do in less than a minute:

First, the usual event creation process:

  1. Click Create menu > Host an event.

  2. Fill out the event details. You should base it on the "main" published world that the variant was derived from, as it attributes the original with subsequent "popularity" info for the event hosted within. In any case, you'll be changing this shortly.

  3. Click Save & Publish.

Time to deploy:

  1. Open Create menu > Build worlds. In this MY WORLDS window, your new event will be on the top of the list.

  2. Now, in the same MY WORLDS window, scroll to the actual world variant you want to use for this event.

  3. Click (...) > Deploy scene and read the instructions inside.

    • Deploy scene is an extremely useful feature, because it does NOT disconnect a scene from its original world — each time you deploy, it makes an extra copy! So you'll have a backup.

  4. Optional: under "Choose a name for the scene's copy", rename it if you wish.

  5. Under "Move the scene copy into this world", choose the event. Events have "(event)" next to their names.

  6. Click DEPLOY.

  7. Visit the event world to confirm the content is as intended.

    • Also note: as a general policy, unless it's a very minor/quick change, Sansar Studios (Linden Lab's internal content/art team) does NOT edit event scenes directly, because they are prone to mishaps. We edit the non-event world, THEN deploy. ALWAYS BACKUP!

You're done, have an eventful time!

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