FreeCam and CineCam


  • Both Freecam and Cinecam are currently only available to Desktop users and cannot be used in VR.

  • They must be enabled by a worlds creator to be available.

  • The cameras currently ignore collision.

  • The mic is located at the avatar, not the camera's position.

  • Other users' mics cannot be heard in freecam mode unless the avatar is within hearing range.

FreeCam Aka F4cam

Press F4 on the keyboard or (start) on Xbox Controller

In freecam mode, Desktop users can detach their camera from their avatar and navigate through the virtual environment without being bound to the movements of the avatar itself. This can be especially handy for taking screenshots, recording videos, or simply exploring areas in a more flexible way.

CineCam Aka F10Cam

Press F10 on the Keyboard or (back) on Xbox Controller

CineCam is similar to Freecam but has smoothed movements to assist in a smoother-looking video or stream when flying around.


Both modes have the same control scheme.


  • F4: Toggle Free camera mode on or off.

  • F10: Toggle Cinematic Cam, a smoothed version of Freecam.

  • Arrow keys: Move camera forward, backward, left, and right (free-camera mode).

  • W, A, S, D: Move camera forward, backward, left, and right (free-camera mode).

  • I, K, J, L: Rotate the camera up, down, left, and right.

  • Hold right-click and drag: Rotate the camera.

  • E, C: Move camera up and down.

  • NUMPAD Plus or = Key: Increase camera movement speed.

  • NUMPAD Minus or - Key: Decrease camera movement speed.

  • Hold Shift: Increase camera movement speed while the key is held.

  • Hold Ctrl: Decrease camera movement speed while the key is held.

  • T Key: Teleports avatar to Freecam/Cinecam location.

  • V Key: Mic Push to Talk at avatar's location.


  • Back: Cinecam toggle like F10.

  • Start: Freecam toggle like F4.

  • X Button (X): Drops avatar at cam location.

  • Y Button (Y): Speed up cam.

  • B Button (B): Slow down cam.

  • Left Trigger (LT): Lower cam.

  • Right Trigger (RT): Raise cam.

  • Left Bumper (LB): Mic push to talk at avatar's location.

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