Experience Points, Levels, and Titles.

Experience points (XP), levels, and titles


By performing certain quests and activities in Sansar, you can accumulate experience points (usually abbreviated as XP). Experience points contribute to your overall level, which is visible for other people to see in your user profile.

Levels and titles

Your level, visible in your user profile, is a simplified representation of your total accumulated XP. At certain XP thresholds, you "level up" and your level increases. Someone's level can be used as one possible indicator of the amount of time and experience (no pun intended) someone has invested in Sansar. Keep in mind that not everyone uses Sansar in a way that will necessarily accumulate a lot of XP, so this is by no means a definitive measure.

Your title is also displayed in your profile, just below your level. In later updates, you will be able to accumulate and select different titles to display as you achieve milestones in your Sansar journey.


There are four types of experience points, each representing a specific area of focus in Sansar. These areas of focus are called traits:

  • Explorer - Awarded for exploration-related activities.

  • Social - Awarded for social activities.

  • Creator -Awarded for activities related to creating content for Sansar.

All XP contributes to your level progress, but you (and others) can view the breakdown of your traits to see how you earned your XP and ascertain the types of activity you most often engage in.

Any XP earned that does not fall under one of the three types is categorized as General XP. General XP contributes towards your overall level progress, but is not included in the breakdown.

To view the breakdown of someone's traits while viewing their profile, hover your mouse cursor over their Level.

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