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45.0.28 (03/30/24)

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some broken links in game

  • Fix multiple issues with reflections being too shiny

  • Sansar Park should appear on codex correctly

Shader Updates

  • Multiple bug fixes for 'Fluid Distortion' effect.

  • Add Scale and Amplitude properties for the 'Fluid Distortion' effect.

  • Add Luma and Gamma mode toggles to Displacement Media shader.

  • Add UVScale property to the Billboard and Pixel Billboard shaders.

  • Sampler change for displacement textures.

General Updates

  • Increased backpack item lifetime to unlimited, items will clear on player leaving world or with buttons in backpack.

  • Discovery of Red and Green channel in roughness maps allowing creation of Anistrophic maps

  • New world template list now in alphabetical order with your own worlds appearing towards the top

  • Bundle purchases now directed to the web store

45.0.25 (02/19/24)

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HotFixes for last patch

  • Fix of flying mode not activating

  • Fix for glowing vignette when reflections are enabled in scenes with strong bloom.

  • Fix for asset importer error when fbx scenes contain more than a single mesh.

  • Addition of Clamp setting in new Media: Displacement shaders.

  • Asset importer bug for rigged items fix.

45.0.22 (02/16/24)

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General Updates

REFLECTIONS ADDED! Must be enabled in settings 'Graphics/VR' as this is considered resource-intensive. The reflectivity of objects is controlled by the existing Roughness maps; some objects may need adjustment if using maps that are too shiny.

FLYING MODE ADDED! Must be enabled by the world owner. Controls: Z to toggle, WASD or arrows for directional movement, C for down, E for up. Flight speed is controlled by avatars' run speed, so scripts can adjust.

Bug Fixes

  • VR BugFix: 3rd person camera control now enabled when in a sit point 'driving mode'.

  • Import BugFix: for the 'spin of death' asset importer crash when the fbx scene is too large.

Shader Updates

  • New Shaders: Media: Displacement+UV Animation shader and Two sided variant. This enables the option to use a media stream video for vertex displacement. Screens will need to be high poly for this to work, use sparingly!

  • Additional Side-by-Side UV split option added to this shader to use the same stream for separate color and displacement information; this must be set up in your video's stream and is a 50/50 side by side split.

Settings Updates

  • Reflections toggle added to Graphics/VR options menu.

  • Flymode toggle added to edit mode scene settings to allow control over flight per world. Defaults to off.

  • Disable diagnostics toggle added to edit mode.

45.0.20 (02/09/24)

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General updates

  • Driving mode created: you must now jump, crouch, or teleport to exit any sitpoint to allow scripts to use regular movement controls for vehicles. WASD mimics numpad inputs of 8,4,5,6 also combining 2 and 5 into S.

  • A new look has been added to the first time user avatar carousel.

  • Default gifting amount changed to zero to avoid accidents.

  • More descriptive error messages along with user advice when FBX import fails due to problems with the node names.

Bug Fixes

  • Umbra issue fixed.

  • Fixed crash caused by long bio names.

Shader updates

  • Displacement objects now cast shadows based on displaced verts.

Settings Updates

  • Option to disable all media streams added to Advanced Settings.

  • GPU acceleration enabled for media streams reducing CPU load, This can be disabled in Advanced settings if it causes any side-effects.

45.0.19 (01/29/24)

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general updates

  • Added advanced settings panel.

  • Finished implementation of multi-jump.

  • UI now draws at native resolution when running with reduced render resolution.

  • Moved a few settings into the new Advanced menu.

Additions to settings panel

  • FSR Adaptive Sharpening when running with reduced render resolution.

  • Clear cache button in the Advanced Settings.

  • Max/Min cache size is now configurable from the Advanced Settings.

  • Force Single instance toggle added (ability to open more than one gameclient) VR updates

  • Resized + relocated VR diagnostics button.

  • Bugfix: VR keyboard double typing fixed.

45.0.17 (01/25/24)

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General Updates

  • T Teleport Defaulted to OFF

  • Multi-jump created defaulted at 1 jump

  • Improved network packet handling for v4 packets

  • New diagnostic modes added: Unlit, Normals and Scale view

World Build updates

  • Added T teleport setting: [T key] teleport to freecam now defaults to off and needs to be enabled by owner.

  • Added Multi-jump setting: amount of jumps is controlled by world owner.

  • extra diagnostics views added to build mode also.

VR Updates

  • Bugfix: Chat panel appearance

  • Bugfix: VR keyboard being cutoff on login and ingame

  • Addition of 'Home' button to wrist

  • VR diagnostic view enabled and mode cycle button added to wrist

45.0.16 (1/16/24)

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General Updates

  • Improved avatar LOD 0 range to be further out. Note: Avatar requires a change to be saved in lookbook to take effect

Backpack updates

  • Shop button added (just opens store for now)

  • added sorting to desktop

  • Added buttons to clear spawned backpack items to VR.

  • added floating UI panel to VR mode

Shader Updates

  • Shader list reordered for new shaders Fresnal, Diffract, Pixelize, Screenspace. to be grouped together as 'specialized shaders'

  • Small shader updates and tweaks

  • New Pixel + UV Anim shader.

  • New Pixel + Alpha Mask shader.

  • New Screenspace + UV Anim shader. Note: Screenspace shaders are in testing expect changes to be made and any items made with them to need tweaks.

45.0.14 (1/10/24)

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  • Minor shader fixes.

Shader changes

  • 'Fluid Distortion' wobble effect now also contributes to the diffraction in the 'Multibump + Diffraction' shader.

  • New color blending checkbox on 'transparent' shaders adds better color blending from the albedo slot and provides richer color in darker areas

45.0.12 (1/9/24)

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  • Fix for diffracted water not diffracting

New Shaders Added

  • Standard+Emissive+Screenspace Shader added screenspace shader has the UV images remain aligned with the camera regardlessly of models movement

45.0.11 (1/9/24)

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General Updates

  • Added a media screen to backpack, will only show existing media in world does not contain a media script of its own


  • Fix for "Standard + Emissive + Stereographic" shaders appearing blacked out.

  • Small fixes and tweaks to the Pixelize and Fresnel shaders.

New Shaders Added

  • New "Billboard + Pixelize" shader.

  • New "Multibump + Diffraction" shader. (To create diffractive waves on water you need only upload a normal map with the waves or ripples you require)

45.0.9 (01/03/24)

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General Updates

  • Basejump from freecam location with 'T'

  • Controller keybinds updates and fixes

  • Diagnostics enabled in homespace

Shader Updates

  • AO texture slots added to Opaque base shaders.

  • Displacement added to "Billboard" shader.

  • Bugfix for displacement texture accounting.

New Shaders added

  • Fresnel ("Standard + Emissive + Fresnel" & "Standard Two Sided + Emissive + Fresnel")

  • Pixelize ("Standard + Emissive + Pixelize" & "Standard Two Sided + Emissive + Pixelize") Diffraction shaders:

  • "Standard + Diffraction + Alpha Mask"

  • "Standard Two Sided + Diffraction + Alpha Mask"

  • "Standard + Diffraction + Alpha Mask + UV Animation"

  • "Standard Two Sided + Diffraction + Alpha Mask + UV Animation"

Bugs Fixed

  • New bugs created enjoy finding them

45.0.8 (12/22/23)

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General Updates

  • Added new backpack items and item removal controls

  • Increased intensity and range for point lights. They can now cover a 4km distance when maxed out.

  • Added fire 🔥 to the chat emoticons

  • HDR toggle without restarting the client

  • No chat panel auto popup

  • Enabled hand and head aiming when holding any object

Shader Updates

  • 'After-images' effect is available for the "Emissive" and "Emissive + UV Animation" shaders. (Togglable effect per material with tuneable decay-rate)

  • 'Fluid-distortion' affect added to the "Transparent + Multibump" shader.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix for arms rotating inappropriately when sitting in VR

  • Increased server connection timeouts - affected some users with challenging builds

45.0.5 (10/10/23)

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General Updates

  • A fix for the snapshot function creating SDR images that were too washed out when HDR is enabled.

  • Fix for the harmless 'invalid format' error that showed up when importing new assets.

  • Displacement aware depth shader for static and opaque+emissive shaders this fixes the shadowed versions of objects being left behind when displaced.

  • bugfix for blank textures on two of the new shaders when going from edit mode to runtime

Shader Updates

  • Fixes for some displacement bugs. It should also interact more accurately with some post and lighting effects.

  • Add UV Scrolling function to the transmissive+multibump shader. Good for water.

  • You can now specify negative values for the displacement scale numbers.

  • Added 'Fix Shimmering' toggle to the alpha UV shaders.

  • Added 'ClampUVs' toggle to the alpha UV shaders.

  • Fix for an issue that caused coloured lines to erroneously appear around the edges of many existing alpha emissive materials.

45.0.1 (09/29/23)

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  • Improved handling of HDR should only be visible with it enabled in pc settings

  • Added many new emojis to in game chat

  • Improved script debug logging

  • Whitelist TupleElementNamesAttribute for scripting

  • Minor bug fixes

45.0.0 (9/20/23)

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The Displacement Shader Update is here!

General Updates

  • Added sorting to the scene list in 'deploy' menu

  • FPS Max raised to 200 (settable)

  • Greatly Increased AABB

Shader Updates

  • Displacement shaders, and Vertex Animation system!

  • UV rotation for texture maps

  • Addition of 3 more two-sided shaders

  • 'ClampUVs' option for flipbook shaders that fixes the problem of flip book frames repeating erroneously

  • Fluid distortion effect added to UV anim shaders (wiggly textures)

Settings Updates

  • Default mic mute state on launch (mute/unmute).

  • Split render quality and render resolution into separate options.

  • Allow setting render quality separately for VR and non-VR.

  • FPS limiter controls (for both foreground and background).

  • Selectable max texture VRAM usage per avatar. For crisper avatars, or reduced VRAM usage.

  • Experimental HDR support. Togglable in settings. You must own an HDR monitor, and HDR must be enabled in Windows

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugfix Thumbnails sometimes fail to load first time when viewing personal worlds list

  • Crash fix when changing desktop audio device with VR disabled

  • Crash fix for viewing the desktop controls overlay with VR disabled on launch

  • BugFix Tiny avatar Ik sticking to over hanging surfaces

  • A fix for the audio crackling and distortion that still occurs when minimizing on some machines

  • Many other small crash fixes many removed gremlins.

44.3.0 (6/12/23)

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General Updates

  • IJKL keyboard control for the camera. Helps players with no mouse

  • Client directory file organization. Moved Dullahan to subfolders

  • Add launch parameters to force specific VR runtime - OpenVR/Oculus

  • Scriptable scoreboard alpha version

  • Improved finger tracking for knuckles controllers

  • Added two new emissive shaders

  • New Tiny avatars!!!

Bugs Fixed

  • Crash triggered by sitting in first person with VR disabled

  • Crash triggered by accessing haptics when VR is disabled

  • Memory leaks within JSON packed web service packets

  • Fix for several build errors when targeting Linux

  • Remove keyboard shortcut for diag panel in production builds

  • Speech graphics scaling fixed at smaller avatar scales

  • Crash when displaying a large amount of personal worlds

  • Crash when de-serializing an invalid object

  • Updated logo for spinning perfection

  • Prevent media screen connections to [try.sansar.com]

  • Force v4 sockets by default

44.2.2 (2/12/23)

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Small fixit patch

  • Fix for launching with VR mode disabled

  • Fix for the border on the avatar info box volume control

  • Fixed crash when using grip and trigger in VR

44.2.0 (2/19/23)

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General update

  • Added TV Mode, Game Streaming Mode, and Guest Mode

  • New TV Mode character control scheme

  • VR keyboard typing improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Reticle fix for the new UI scaling

  • Avatar info panel UI scaling fix

  • Login issue related to steam logins fixed

44.1.0 (2/3/23)

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General Updates

  • Individual volume controls V1

  • Doubled the maximum 3rd person camera distance

  • Full body VR tracking improvements

  • Added the ability to base64 encode launch parameters

  • Updated the default worlds to the all-new Sansar Park!

Bug Fixes

  • Avatar names displayed on top of UI panels

  • Blocked people are visible when they use dual login

  • Reduced the maximum grab distance in VR

44.0.0 (1/17/23)

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Bug Fixes

  • Edit mode list type crash

  • Edit mode Trigger Volume crash

  • DST bug when editing existing events

  • Prevent blocked users from unmuting each other

  • Sansar crashes when renaming an object

  • Recall searches in the Marketplace when going back

  • Non-English system language fails to load Sansar

  • Head deformation while dancing

General Updates

  • New users should teleport to social hub

  • Remove login Twitch + Steam registration (Client)

  • Use the starting world chosen in settings when leaving the lookbook

  • Disable keyboard shortcuts for simulation in the lookbook

  • Prevent usage of F1 shortcut while in Cinema Mode

  • Improve Xbox controller functionality

  • Support for non-parallel projection VR lenses

  • Create a keyboard shortcut to hide UI

  • CTRL+H hides/unhides UI

  • UI Scaling for large resolutions

43.5.5 (6/16/22)

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Small update for VR arm bug

43.5.0 (6/7/22)

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Small Update for re-enable Auto-Occlusion in Edit Mode

00.00.00 (00/00/00)

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Bug Fixes

General Updates

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