Managing your avatar looks inventory items

This article delves into managing avatar-related inventory items. To learn more about managing scene-related items, check out the action menu section of the Scene creation inventory page.

You can manage your avatar-related inventory items in the avatar editor. To manage your avatar items:

  1. Open the avatar editor by clicking on the Style my avatar button on the main menu.

  2. Once you are in the lookbook, click the Customize button on any avatar look you have on the list. This opens the avatar editor, where you can access your inventory panel.

  3. On the inventory panel, simply right-click on the item that you want to manage. Once clicked, a sub-menu pops up with options.

  4. Depending on the operation that you want to conduct, click on List Item, Edit Info, or Delete.

To learn more about these action buttons, see:

Note: Avatar items are currently classified as either male or female. Switch between a female or male avatar in order to access the item that you want to manage. On some item tabs, you have the option to show both male and female inventories at the same time.

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