Scene Item Inventory

Scene item inventory

When editing a scene, the Inventory panel is what allows you to manage items you have uploaded to Sansar or purchased from the Sansar Store. In addition, it contains several basic system objects and items that have been provided by default in Sansar. It also allows creators to add items to their scenes and sellers to list and sell items in the Sansar Store.

The Inventory panel can be found at the bottom of the screen in edit mode. From here, you can select, drag, and drop an object into your scene. You can also change the size of the window to your liking.

There are three drop-down menus on the Inventory, which will help you navigate and filter through your inventory items.

Filter by inventory items

In the first dropdown, you can filter inventory items, which include items you uploaded using the Upload tool, items you purchased in the store, and system objects. Toggle between the following choices in the first dropdown to filter your items:

  • Created - Lists all the items that you have uploaded using the Upload button.

  • Purchased - Lists all of the items that you have purchased through the Sansar Store.

  • System - Lists several basic objects that you can add to your scene. To know more about these system objects, see System objects.

Filter by type

In the second dropdown, you have the option to view all items or filter your items by type: audio, objects, interactive, lights, objects, scripts, terrain or texture. Please keep in mind that the interactive, lights, and terrain filters only apply to system objects.

Inventory sort

On the third drop-down, you can sort the inventory by newest or alphabetically.

Find items in your inventory faster by using the search bar on the top right corner of the Inventory panel. Please take note that you need to search separately between the Created, Purchased, and System items.

Action menu

Right-click on an item to reveal a menu with a set of options that helps you manage the items in your inventory. These buttons are:

  • Rename - Allows you to rename an object you have created or purchased. Enter the new name into the New Item Name panel that appears, and click Rename to rename the item in your inventory. You may not rename system objects or pre-supplied assets, such as certain textures and scripts that come with Sansar by default.

  • Sell Item - Allows you to list your items for sale in the Sansar Store. For more information on creating item listings, please see Selling items in the Sansar Store. Note that you can only list items that you have uploaded in Sansar; you cannot list items that you have purchased from the Sansar Store, nor any system objects.

  • Delete - Allows you to delete an item from your inventory. If you delete an item that you purchased from the Sansar Store, you can redeliver the item to your inventory from the item's store details page or from your Purchases list. However, if you delete an item that you uploaded, you need to re-upload it to use it again.

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