Moderation Tools for World Owners

Moderation tools for world owners

In addition to the basic moderation tools already available, Sansar provides additional tools that give you moderation control over your worlds.

Kicking a user out of a world

As an world owner, you have the power to kick users out of your world if they are causing abuse or griefing. To kick a user out of your world:

  1. While visiting the world, go to Nearby Chat.

  2. In the input field, type the command **%%kick <Avatar ID>** , where <Avatar ID> is replaced with the user's Avatar ID. For example, if a user's Avatar ID is @carrot, type %%kick carrot. This kicks the user out of the world.

Note: Always remember to kick a user using their Avatar ID and not their Avatar Name. For more information on how to differentiate an Avatar ID from an Avatar Name, see Avatar Name and Avatar ID.

Keep in mind that the %%kick functionality is only available to the world owner while visiting the world. Any visiting users that are not the world owner will not be able to kick a user out of the world. Additionally, the command cannot be triggered in private chat, or from outside of the world.

When triggered, the named user is kicked out of the world, but not necessarily banned from re-entering the world. This means that the user can still come back to the world at any time. If an abusive user keeps coming back, we highly recommend adding the user's name to the ban list before kicking them out of the world. See Banning users from a world on how to keep users out of your world.

Note: As the world owner, you cannot kick yourself or any Wookey employee out of a world.

Listing the users in the world

To find out who is in your current world, type %%who in Nearby chat. This lists the Avatar IDs of all the users who are currently in the world. This is helpful for figuring out which users to kick, ban or grant access to.

Banning users from a world

To ban a user from a world, you need to add the user's Avatar ID to the ban list. To add a user to the ban list:

  1. Access the publishing options panel from the My Worlds panel.

  2. Under your chosen world, click the Publishing options button.

  3. Under Who can visit, click Edit list next to Banned users are never allowed to visit.

  4. In the Edit ban list panel, click Add.

  5. In the Add Someone panel, type the user's full Avatar ID and click Search.

  6. Select a name from the search results and click Add selected.

  7. Repeat as many times as you like until all banned users are added.

  8. Click Done to close the Add Someone panel.

  9. Click Save to save your list and close the Edit Guest List or Edit ban list panel.

Kicking a user does not automatically ban that user from a world. Likewise, adding a user to the ban list does not automatically kick them out from the world either.

Note: Adding users to the ban list can be done at any time as long as you have access to the My Worlds panel. You may also remove users from the list at any time.

Restricting access to a world

As a world owner, you also have control over who has access to your world. Using the publishing options panel from the My Worlds panel, you can set the world so that it is accessible to:

  • Everyone - Anyone can visit the world, as long as they have not been banned.

  • Friends only - Anyone who is on your friends list.

  • Guest list - Anyone added on the Guest list.

  • Only me - Only you are allowed to visit the world.

You can also choose to publish your world or keep it hidden. Keep in mind that even if your world is published, its visibility will depend upon who you defined under the Who can visit section in the publishing options panel. Only those who have access will see the world in the Prime Portal. The same goes for hidden worlds. If special access controls have been set, only those who were given access can enter the world through the link provided.

Note: Defining who has access can be done at any time as long as you have access to the My Worlds panel.

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