Sansar on Mac

This is not supported officially but we have had some success at running sansar using this method. As this is unsupported use at your own risk and expect there may be some bugs.

  1. Update your OS to the latest

  2. Copy your Sansar game client folder over to your Mac C:\Program Files\Sansar\Client

  3. Download this installer that will do all the work: This is the file you need:

  • Run the Installer you just downloaded Choose the game porting toolkit and SansarClient.exe files as shown below

  • During the installation you will see a window prompt pop up that says windows 7 in bottom of it. Change that drop down to windows10

  • Done. Sansar should launch

  • To launch Sansar another time just run the game porting toolkit installer a second time, but you only need to select the SansarClient.exe

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