Store Listing Guidelines

Store Listing Guidelines

To help promote an enjoyable experience, you must adhere to the following guidelines when listing items on the Sansar Store (the “Store” for short). These guidelines aim to help you list items effectively so that buyers can quickly and easily find what they're looking for.

For more information on how to list and edit an item on the store, please see Selling items in the store. See Store Banner Guidelines for information on branding banners.

General Item Guidelines

  • All items listed in the Store must adhere to the Content Guidelines.

  • Items must not contain any references to Sansar, Sansar inc. or Sansar-related terminology that may imply a false relationship with or sponsorship, endorsement, or employment by Sansar.

The following requirements apply to all text associated with item listings:

  • Only alphanumeric and basic punctuation characters, such as commas, periods, slashes, colons, dashes, underscores, and quotation marks are allowed. Sansar does not support international characters at this time.

  • Senseless or excessively repetitive use of characters, in Sansar’s sole discretion, is prohibited.

  • Avoid replacing letters with special characters or numbers (e.g., replacing “A” with “@” or “I” with “1”). You will want to make it easy for your item to appear in search results.

  • There should be no leading, trailing, or creeping white spaces.

  • Control characters and line feeds are not allowed.

Listing Guidelines

Item Name

The Item Name is the name that appears on the buyer’s inventory list. This name is designated upon file upload to Sansar and cannot be replaced.

The Item Name:

  • Must adhere to a character limit of 100 characters maximum (including spaces).

  • Must contain a clear and accurate name in order to make it easy for people to find your item in their inventories.

  • Must contain alphanumeric characters and cannot consist solely of special characters.

  • Should avoid long strings of text in the Item Name. Long Item Names truncate after two rows of text in the inventory.

Listing Title

The Listing Title is the name that appears in the Store, on your listings page, and on a buyer’s purchase list.

The Listing Title must:

  • Adhere to a character limit of 100 characters maximum (including spaces).

  • Contain a clear and accurate name in order to make it easy for buyers to find your item in the store.

  • Contain alphanumeric characters and cannot consist of special characters only.

  • Not contain underscores and symbols in place of spaces. Use spaces in between words as much as possible so that people can search for your items more easily.


You must select the Category that best identifies the item for sale. You may select from the following categories at this time:

  • Architecture

  • Audio

  • Avatars

  • Character Models

  • Environment

  • Furnishings

  • Lighting

  • Media Surfaces

  • Miscellaneous

  • Scripts

  • Skyboxes

  • Sports/Games

  • Vehicles

  • Wearables

Please note that only accessories can be added as wearables at this time. See Importing Accessories for information on uploading and listing accessories.


The Description must:

  • Adhere to a character limit of 10,000 characters maximum (including spaces).

  • Describe the item clearly, honestly, and accurately.

  • Not contain marketing text or links to websites outside of Sansar, whether associated with the item or not, with the exception of informational pages such as script documentation or tutorials.

    • Marketing text and links pointing to items and experiences within Sansar is allowed.

  • Avoid tactics like item or keyword spamming that make it hard for buyers to find what they are searching for.


The Tags help people discover your listing. Tags:

  • Are optional. You can add up to a maximum of five tags.

  • Must adhere to a character limit of 40 characters per tag.

  • May contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens only (hyphens cannot start or end a tag).

  • Must describe the item clearly, honestly, and accurately.

  • May contain branded tags.

  • Avoid tactics like item or keyword spamming that are unrelated to the item. Remember: you only have 5 tags, so choose wisely!


The Price for each item must:

  • Be reflected in Sansar Dollars (S$) only.

  • Not exceed a selling price of S$1,000,000 maximum.

Image Guidelines

General Image Guidelines

All images:

  • Must accurately represent the item.

  • Must be in PNG format.

  • Must be smaller than 10 MB.

  • Must contain minimum image dimensions of 600 pixels (width) x 600 pixels (height).

Main Image Requirements

The Main Image for all types of items must:

  • Must focus on showcasing the item for sale. As much as possible, avoid featuring extra items or parts that are not included in the item for sale.

  • Must not contain the Sansar user interface or other controls.

  • Must not contain added text in the Main Image.

  • Should use a background where the item clearly stands out.

    • Images may be taken from within Sansar using the screenshot app.

    • Images may use a transparent or solid colored background.

The Main Image for objects:

  • Must show the full item within the image.

The Main Image for avatar attachments (Wearables):

  • Must show the full item within the image.

  • May use Sansar avatars to showcase the accessory item.

The Main Image for avatars (custom avatars):

  • Must clearly showcase the avatar body within the image.

The Main Image for skyboxes must:

  • Feature a substantial representation of the actual skybox texture.

  • Not use icons in place of the texture representation.

The Main Image for scripts:

  • Must focus on showcasing the script’s capabilities. We highly recommend taking a screenshot of the script as applied within a scene or experience.

  • Must not contain text and symbols, with the exception of those that help define scripts (e.g., C#, Script, or </>).

  • May use script icons.

The Main Image for audio:

  • Should use an image that represents or conveys the audio.

  • May use audio or sound icons.

Additional Image Requirements

Uploading images in addition to your Main Image is not required. You may upload up to 9 Additional Images that supplement the Main Image by showing the item in use or highlighting details that are otherwise not visible in the Main Image.

Some suggestions per item type:

Additional images for objects may:

  • Showcase different angles of the item.

  • Show the item in use.

  • Highlight the scale of the item

Additional images for avatar attachments (Wearables) may:

  • Showcase different angels of the item.

  • Showcase the item from different angles on an avatar.

Additional images for skyboxes may:

  • Showcase the skybox from different angles.

  • Feature screenshots of an experience with the skybox in the background.

Additional images for scripts may:

  • Scripts may showcase an image of the available Script Settings parameters for the script.

Additional images for audio may:

  • Ideally, Audio should not have any additional images.

Additional Notes


For more information on uploading and listing accessories, see Avatar attachments (accessories).


  • We strongly recommend that you include a detailed description of your audio listings and include information such as track length and mono/stereo/ambisonic type.


For more information on uploading and listing accessories, see Importing custom avatars.


  • Set your 3D suite’s units to meters or feet, and model your assets to a real life scale. This is important because Sansar only allows limited scaling for scenes at this time.

  • We strongly encourage you to add a collision mesh to your objects. This will enable buyers to make your objects dynamic in their scenes.

  • If you are uploading architecture-type items, it is best to add an avatar in one of the additional images to provide size reference.


  • Scripts should not use any Restricted APIs. For more information on Sansar’s APIs and restrictions, see our documentation on Sansar Script APIs and Restricted APIs .

Prohibited behavior

Exhibiting any of the following prohibited behavior could result in the removal of your item in the store and/or account access restrictions, up to and including account termination.

  • Listing items in the Store:

    • All items listed in the Store must adhere to the Content Guidelines .

    • Listed items that contain harmful content or code will not be tolerated.

  • Disabled items:

    • If your item has been blocked or disabled on the Store, please reach out to the Sansar Support team for assistance.

    • Do not re-list items that have been blocked or disabled on the Store by the Sansar team until the reported issue has been resolved.

  • Re-listing items in the Store:

    • Do not re-list items as a new listing to circumvent user complaints, feedback, or ratings.

  • Reviewing items:

    • Be honest in reviewing items and do not include false information.

    • Do not use alternate accounts to rate your own items.

    • Buying positive user reviews for your items is strictly prohibited.

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