Converting Sansar Dollars

Converting Sansar dollars to US dollars

If you have earned Sansar dollars from sales or commissions in the Sansar store, you may convert those Sansar dollars to US dollars.

Converting earned Sansar dollars to US dollars

You may convert earned Sansar dollars to US dollars at a fixed rate of 250 Sansar dollars to 1 US dollar. The resulting US dollars are added to your account's US dollar balance.

To convert your earned Sansar dollars to US dollars:

  1. Visit the Convert Sansar dollars page on the Sansar website.

  2. Under How many Earned Sansar dollars do you want to convert?, enter an amount up to your total earned Sansar dollars balance.

  3. Click Convert to convert your earned Sansar dollars to US dollars.

Earned Sansar dollars

Conversion to US dollars can only be performed on earned Sansar dollars, which are Sansar dollars you have received from sales and commissions in the Sansar Store. The remaining portion of your Sansar dollar balance is called your general balance. Most of the time, your earned and general balances are shown as a single total, your Sansar dollar balance.

Sansar dollars that you buy, receive as a gift, or receive through a promotion do not count as earned Sansar dollars and are applied to your general balance.

When you make purchases or give gifts in Sansar, Sansar dollars are deducted from your general balance before deducting from your earned balance. This preserves the maximum number of earned Sansar dollars for later conversion to US dollars.

Grandfathered conversion rate

If your account was created prior to December 31, 2018, you receive a grandfathered conversion rate of S$143 to US$1 until December 31, 2019. At that time, your conversion rate will be adjusted to the standard rate.

Additionally, all Sansar dollars acquired before January 16, 2019 count as earned, and may be converted to US dollars.

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