Avatar 2.0 FAQ

What items are sunsetting with the release of avatar 2.0?

Any asset under the following item types (avatars, rigged hair, rigged clothing) created using the avatar 1.0 avatar skeleton will no longer be usable in the new avatar 2.0 system. It is key to be aware of which items are sunseting so purchasers have better insight on the items prior to purchase.

Which avatar 1.0 assets can I still wear after the release of avatar 2.0?

All Marvelous Designer clothing, accessories and emotes created against the 1.0 avatar skeleton will still be usable on the 2.0 avatar. These items will still be available in your inventory and any listed items will still be accessible from the store for purchase.

However, any rigged hair, rigged clothing or avatars will no longer be usable on any 2.0 avatar.

Why do avatars, rigged hair, and rigged clothing have to sunset?

Changes to the base avatar's skeletal structure had to be made in order to support Avatar 2.0. Because of this, we had to make a tough decision to no longer support avatar 1.0, which meant that avatars, rigged hair and rigged clothing uploaded prior to the change would no longer be supported.

Will I be able to update my broken content?

Yes, you will be able to update any of the affected content such as avatars, rigged hair, and rigged clothing. Creators will be given one opportunity per affected store listing to update their listings with Avatar 2.0-compatible content.

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