Muting Avatars

Muting avatars

If another person is acting belligerent, annoying, or otherwise disruptive in chat, you can choose to temporarily mute that person, effectively silencing their voice chat for you personally. Others can still see and hear someone you have muted (and the muted person can still hear you) unless they have also chosen to mute that person. Muted avatars remain visible to everyone.

Muting currently persists as long as you stay logged into the Sansar client; once you close Sansar and log back in, you must mute the same people again.

Note: To more permanently ignore another person, see the article Blocking avatars. Blocking mutes voice chat and hides someone's avatar until you remove the block.

Using the People panel

Take the following steps to mute an avatar:

  1. Open the People panel by choosing Socialize > Friends & People from the main menu.

  2. Find the person you would like to mute; if they are nearby they appear in the Nearby tab of the People panel. Otherwise, you can search for them by name in the Search tab or on your Friends tab.

  3. Click the person's name to open their user profile.

  4. In the user profile, click the Microphone icon on their profile portrait. When the icon turns red, you will no longer receive their voice chat.

You can click the Microphone icon again to unmute the person and resume hearing their voice chat.

Muting an avatar directly

Take the following steps in VR or desktop mode to mute an avatar:

  1. Look at the avatar and left-click or hold one of the grip buttons to view their identity and interaction options.

  2. Press Mute to silence that person's voice chat.

You can unmute an avatar directly by clicking the Unmute button that replaces the Mute button when you have muted the avatar.

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