If you are enjoying a particular artists performance, you can now show your appreciation by leaving a tip!

When tipping is enabled you will see an icon on the left side of your screen above all of the other buttons.

  1. Log in to Sansar.

  2. Go to an event (with tipping enabled).

  3. Click the gold tip button

    After you click on this icon you will be given several options regarding how much you want to tip!

Fig A

4. Select the amount you want to tip from the tipping menu (shown here in Fig B)

(Fig B)

5. Once confirmed you will see a reaction confirming that your tip was successful (shown here in Fig C)

Fig C

When you select an amount to tip, that amount will be transferred from your Sansar account to the performer or artist's account! There will also be a reaction that appears above your avatar's head reflecting how much you have tipped.

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