Setting Custom Emotes

Previewing and setting custom emotes

Custom emotes are set separately for each of your avatar looks. At this time, you may only replace the animations used for existing slash commands, such as /clap, but you may not add additional slash commands.

To replace an emote animation for one of your avatar looks:

  1. Open the Lookbook by choosing Create > Style my avatar from the menu buttons.

  2. Select an avatar look and click Customize.

  3. Select the Animation tab in the Avatar panel.

  4. Click one of the emotes in the list to preview the animation on your current avatar.

  5. Click the > next to the emote's name to select a new animation for that emote from the library. Note that the slash command does not change when you select a new animation for it; if you replace the animation for /lol, you must still type /lol to trigger the new animation.

Previewing the default /wave animation. Click the > next to /wave to select a different animation to play when you type /wave in chat.

Upper body and full body animations

Emotes are currently divided into full body animations and upper body animations.

Full body animations override the animation of your avatar's entire body. For example, most dance animations must animate both your upper and lower body. Full body animations are set to loop, which means that the avatar will continuously repeat the animation until the avatar is moved.

Upper body animations only animate your avatar from the waist up, allowing your lower body to continue its existing lower-body animation. For example, /wave allows you to wave your hand without interrupting your walking gait or lower-body dance moves. Upper body animations are non-looping, which means that the animation will only play once.

Note: At this time, it is not possible to switch an emote from upper body to full body or full body to upper body. You should check the animation type before replacing an emote's animation. You can find the animation type at the top of the animation list when selecting a replacement animation.

The animation type can be found at the top of the animation list when replacing an emote's animation.

See Importing a custom emote animation for steps on importing a custom animation.

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