AABB Bounding Box and Item Restrictions

What is the AABB?

The AABB, or 'Active Area Bounding Box,' is a set size limit for avatars, clothing, accessories, and emotes. All parts of the mesh and skeleton of avatars, clothing, and avatar accessories must be within the bounding boxes to be imported.

AABB Reference Files

Avatar and Accessory Bounding Box

The Maximum bounding box is the size limit for avatars, clothing and accessories. Avatars must also be over the minimum bounding box but clothing and accessories need only adhere to the maximum.

Animation Bounding Box

Emote animations are bound to a different much larger bounding box, All bones must remain within the animation box to be able to import the emote.

World items

World items used for building worlds are not bound by any restrictions in terms of size but is suggested to use a avatar mesh as a size reference

AABB Changes

The AABB was expanded Late 2023 on an experimental basis to allow greater freedom to creators, now allowing items to be placed into the floor in order to hide them plus more room in front for held items like swords, staves, umbrellas etc and animations to be able to pass through the ground. some bugs are expected and the AABB is subject to change.

Item Restrictions

Certain requirements and restrictions are applicable to the import of avatar-related items. Please ensure that your items adhere to these guidelines. All items must fit within the boundaries of the AABB.

For world-building items, there are currently no restrictions in place. However, it is recommended to keep textures below 4k and maintain lower polygon counts that correspond to the intended size and visibility of the items. This approach will help avoid any adverse impact on performance.

Asset typeFile typeTriangle count


.fbx, .obj (rigged mesh)

.samd (Marvelous Designer)



.fbx, .obj (rigged mesh)

.samd (Marvelous Designer)



.fbx, .obj (rigged mesh)


Emote Animation




.fbx, .obj


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