Avatar Hand Gestures in VR

While in VR, you can use your Oculus Touch or HTC Vive wand controllers to perform hand gestures, such as pointing, thumbs-up, or "ok".

Note: The HTC Vive wand controllers have limited support for hand gestures in Sansar. At this time, the only available hand gesture for Vive is to make a fist (activated by pressing the trigger on either controller).

Performing hand gestures

The basic controls for performing hand gestures are as follows:

  • Triggers - On Oculus Rift, curls your avatar's index finger. The more you depress the trigger, the farther your finger curls. On Vive, curls all fingers into a fist.

  • Grip buttons - On Oculus Rift, curls your avatar's remaining fingers (except for the thumb). The more you depress the grip button, the farther your fingers curl. Not available on Vive.

  • Thumb stick or buttons - On the Oculus Rift, you don't need to press these controls. If you simply rest your thumb on the thumb stick, buttons, or top of the Rift Touch controller, your avatar's thumb curls in. Not available on Vive.

By using combinations of these basic controls, you can create many familiar hand gestures.

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