Object Stats Toolbar

Object stats toolbar

The Object stats toolbar is a utility for displaying information about selected objects in a scene. It is useful for providing information about the triangle count, texture count, and file size of one or more selected scene objects.

To enable the Object stats toolbar while editing a scene:

  1. Click the Tools button from the Scene toolbar. This reveals a list of Tools which are either currently visible or hidden.

  2. Select Object stats from the Tools list to make the object info toolbar visible. Once selected, the object toolbar appears on the top portion of the screen, next to the scene toolbar.

  3. Select the object or multi-select the objects that you want to see information about.


The object info toolbar displays the following statistics at all times:

  • Selected - The number of scene objects currently selected.

  • Triangles - The number of triangles the selected scene object or objects have.

  • Textures - The number of textures present on the selected objects.

  • Size (KB) - The file size of the selected objects.

Generating a scene report

You can generate a report of all objects in the scene, including statistics for triangles, textures, and file size for each individual object. The report is generated as a CSV (comma-separated values) file that may be opened in a spreadsheet or text editor.

To generate the scene report:

  1. Click About this scene in the Scene toolbar.

  2. Click Generate report under About this scene.

  3. Choose a location on your computer to save the report and click Save.

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