Event Guidelines

Event guidelines

You must adhere to the following guidelines for publishing events (each an β€œevent”) in Sansar. These guidelines aim to help you publish events effectively so that users can quickly and easily find what they're looking for.

Non-compliance with these guidelines may result in the removal of your event listing.

1.0 Event Content

1.1 All events must adhere to the Content Guidelines. Any event violating these content guidelines will be taken down.

1.2 All event attendees, whether hosts or guests, are subject to the guidelines set forth in the Community Standards. Any user who violates these guidelines will be subject to account suspension or termination.

1.3 If you want to use Sansar trademarks, including Sansar or Sansar inc., you must first reach out to legal@Sansar.com and request permission before any use of any trademarks or logos owned by Sansar.

2.0 Event Name

2.1 Event names play a crucial role into getting users to attend your event. Event names must be clear and accurate to make it easy for users to find and understand the content of your event.

2.2 Event names are not unique in Sansar. You may have the same event name as another event creator.

2.3 Event names must adhere to the following character limit (including spaces): 3 characters (minimum) and 100 characters (maximum).

2.4 Event names should be reasonable in length and format.

2.4.a Use spaces between words when possible. Using long strings of text with no spaces may cause the event name to be truncated or cut off.

2.4.b Use only one space between words. There should be no leading, trailing, or creeping white spaces.

2.4.c Avoid replacing letters with special characters or numbers (e.g., replacing β€œA” with β€œ@” or β€œI” with β€œ1”). You will want to make it easy for people to find your events.

2.4.d Use alphanumeric and basic punctuation characters only, such as such as commas, periods, slashes, colons, dashes, underscores, and quotation marks. Sansar does not support international characters at this time.

2.4.e Excessively repetitive use of characters for decorative or non-essential purposes, as determined in Sansar’s sole discretion, is prohibited. For example, do not use event names such as: "~/~Sansar Top 5 /", "--!!! Sansar Top 5 !!!--".

3.0 Event Description

3.1 Event descriptions must define the event clearly, honestly, and accurately. Please provide accurate information that will give users clear understanding of the event.

3.2 You may add keywords to the event description. However, keyword spamming is strictly prohibited.

3.3 Event descriptions must adhere to a character limit of 1,023 characters maximum (including spaces).

3.4 You may add references and links to other Sansar pages if they are related to the event.

3.5 You may add external references and links outside of Sansar-related properties in the event description, provided that they are related to the event's content. However, events that contain links or references to irrelevant websites, direct downloads, competing products pages, or content that violates our Content Guidelines, are subject to removal from the Events Calendar, in Sansar’s sole discretion.

4.0 Event Location

4.1 Each event must have a designated location. Currently, you can only pick an event location based on the worlds that you have, whether published or hidden. However, there may be times where the Sansar team and other users may conduct events on another user's world.

4.2 Worlds selected must have a world image. If you want to use a world with no image, designate an image for that world first through that world's publishing options. Please bear in mind that a a world image is subject to a separate image guidelines from an event image. Please refer to the 'World Image' section on the World Publishing Guidelines for more information.

4.3 The event's access control is currently tied to the world's access control. If you want to restrict access to or ban someone from the event, you must access the world location's Publishing options.

5.0 Event Image

5.1 All events are required to have an image that captures the event. As the event creator, you have the option to choose the world image or to upload your own image.

5.2 Event images must not contain any prohibited content as described in the Content Guidelines. Event images that violate our content guidelines will be taken down.

5.3 All event images must conform to the image file requirements:

5.3.a Event images must be in PNG format.

5.3.b Event images must be contain an aspect ratio of 16:9.

5.3.c Event images must not exceed a maximum file size of 10 MB.

5.3.d Event images must conform to the following dimensions: 480 pixels wide x 270 pixels tall (minimum) and 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels tall (maximum).

5.4 In Sansar, there are different image guidelines for events, worlds and store items. If you are using a world's image for an event listing, please see the World image section on the World Publishing Guidelines. If you are uploading a new image for the event, the image must conform to the following:

5.4.a Uploaded event images must accurately represent the event and must not be misleading or deceptive.

5.4.b Uploaded event images are not required to use an image of the world location. However, the image splash or insert image used should be relevant to the event.

5.4.c Uploaded event images should avoid having a blank background. There should be visual pictures in the image.

5.4.d Uploaded event images may contain text. However, they must be large and readable so that users can read them in VR.

5.4.e Uploaded event images may contain logos, borders and insert images.

5.4.f Uploaded event images must not include the Sansar logo, user interfaces, or other controls, or any other logos owned by Sansar Inc. or any third parties to which you do not have a permission or right to use or display.

6.0 Event Time

6.1 The event must have a defined Date, Start time and Duration.

Effective: September 10, 2018

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