Managing your scenes and worlds

Worlds vs. scenes

A scene is a virtual space that you have created in Sansar, which includes the ground, sky, and any imported content that you have laid out in the scene. When a user visits your world, your edited scene is what they see and explore. A scene on its own cannot be visited unless it is linked to a world.

A world represents the unique address pointing to a particular scene, which lays out the space that visitors see when they visit your world. A world becomes visitable when it is published in the Prime Portal, which is a public listing of worlds in Sansar, or by sharing the world's URL with other Sansar users.

Note: Each scene can only be linked to one world at a time, and each world can only be linked to one scene at a time. However, it is possible to teleport from one world to another by using an appropriate teleport script and world URL.

Managing your scenes and worlds

As a world creator, you will likely be spending a lot of time in Sansar with the My Worlds panel and the edit mode interface. Both the My Worlds panel and edit mode provide a variety of actions to help you manage your scenes and worlds:

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