Importing World Items

Importing items into your World Build Inventory in Sansar is done by using the Import menu in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Importing items to Sansar

The following instructions apply to all content types:

  1. To start importing an item into Sansar, first enter edit mode by clicking the Edit scene button on any of your projects under the My Experiences App.

  2. Once your scene loads, look at the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click Import, then select a content type from the menu. This opens an Import panel for that specific content type.

  3. In the Import panel, click Browse.

  4. Once the browse panel is open, select the file from your drive. For information on what file types Sansar supports, see supported file types below.

    • (Optional) If you are uploading a 3D model, we encourage you to add a collision mesh to make your objects dynamic in the Scene. Click Browse under Optional collision/physics mesh to add a .fbx or .obj file and to use it as the object's collision volume. For more information, please see 3D model Import Tips.

      • If your object has a collision mesh, you may choose a starting Motion type for the object. For more information on motion types, see Object motion types.

    • For 3D models, you may click Materials Settings to change the object's shaders and textures at this time. See Materials editing and shaders for additional information.

  5. Under the Item name in Inventory, enter an appropriate name for the item. Keep in mind that this name can not be changed once the item has been uploaded in Sansar.

    Note: If you are a seller who plans to sell items in the Sansar Store, make sure to think about the name of your item carefully. The Item Name is the name that appears in the buyer's inventory once they have purchased the item.

  6. Once you are ready to upload your item to Sansar, press Upload.

  7. A status panel appears as your item uploads into Sansar. Press Close on the status panel once this upload process is complete.

  8. Once your file is uploaded, you can find it in the Inventory panel under the All or Created tab.

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