Body Tracking Vive

You can use VIVE Trackers to track the positions of your right foot, left foot, and waist for improved body tracking and avatar movement in Sansar.

VIVE tracker setup

For each tracker:

  1. In SteamVR, choose Devices > Pair Controller.

  2. Hold down the VIVE Tracker's button until it syncs with SteamVR.

  3. Follow the onscreen setup instructions to complete pairing the Tracker.

To set up each tracker for use in Sansar:

  1. Launch Sansar.

  2. In SteamVR, choose Devices > Configure Controller. If you are prompted to choose an application, choose Sansar.

  3. Each of the trackers you have just set up should appear as "Vive Tracker in Hand". Select one and then click Manage.

  4. On the Manage Trackers page, click Held in Hand and change it to one of the following:

    • Left foot

    • Right foot

    • Waist

  5. Repeat this process for the remaining trackers until you have set one Tracker each for Left foot, Right foot, and Waist.

Known issues

As of April 30, 2019, there is a bug in SteamVR can cause VIVE Trackers to become unrecognized in Sansar. To work around this issue:

  1. In SteamVR, choose Devices > Configure Controller.

  2. Under Current Binding, click Edit.

  3. Add, then remove any button mapping. You can add a button mapping by clicking the Power + symbol.

  4. Select Edit action pose and set it to Unused, then back to Pose.

  5. Save your local changes and go back to Sansar.

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