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Using a Sansar avatar model in Marvelous Designer

For the best results when designing clothing for Sansar avatars, use one of the provided avatar templates. This ensures that the clothing you create will be fitted to the male or female default avatar in Sansar.

In Marvelous Designer:

In some versions of MD the sansar avatar is included (MD 9 and above). if it is not you can import the default reference files.

  1. Choose File > Import > FBX.

  2. Choose the male or female avatar template provided in Avatar reference files.

  3. In the Open Avatar panel that appears, make sure to select cm as the scale. If you leave it at the default mm setting, the avatar appears too small.

  4. Click Ok to load the avatar.

  5. Close the Avatar Editor panel that appears.

  6. You may now begin designing clothing for Sansar avatars.

Avatar model files

Sansar's avatar model files can be found in the article: Avatar reference files.

Exporting from Marvelous Designer

For a full setup guide please see Marvelous Import and Export

When you are done creating and fitting your clothing, you can export it in a Sansar-compatible format:

  1. Choose File > Export > Sansar (SAMD).

  2. Choose a location to save your file, choose a file name, and click Save.

  3. Your clothing has been exported! You may now Import it to Sansar to either wear or sell.

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