Vive Index Controls

This article covers the usage of the Valve Index controllers for the HTC Vive in Sansar. For information about other control methods, see Sansar controls.

Note: We currently do not support the Vive Index headset.

Experience controls

Use these controls while visiting an experience:

  • Rotate right thumbstick: Rotate the camera left, and right.

  • Rotate left thumbstick: Moves the avatar forward, back, left, or right.

  • Press left thumbstick while moving: Run in the current movement direction.

  • Press right thumbstick: Toggle first person / third person view.

  • B: Jump. Hold longer to jump higher.

  • A: Teleport to targeted location or select a menu option from the App Launcher.

  • Thumbstick on opposite hand while holding A - Change the direction your avatar will face after completing the teleport.

  • B button: Open or close the VR main menu on your left wrist. Navigate the menu using the right Oculus Touch controller.

  • A button / Trigger / Grip (squeeze): Select a menu option.

  • Grip button (Squeeze with pressure): Grab dynamic unconstrained objects or the chat app (if open).

  • Gaze at an avatar and hold the grip button: To gaze on something, move your head and hover the circular bubble within your line of sight over the avatar. See the avatar's name and ID and have access to the mute/unmute and add/remove friend buttons.

  • Crouch: If you crouch low enough, your avatar enters a crouching/sneaking stance and moves slower.

  • Trigger: Activate item you are holding (pew pew guns)

Note: Matching your height with your avatar is now accomplished through the VR app launcher.

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