Redemption Codes

Redemption Codes

When you purchase a ticket from a third party website you will be given a redemption code.

To redeem this code and claim your ticket, follow these steps!

  1. Head to a third party ticketing site and find the event you wish to purchase a ticket for.

  2. Purchase a ticket from this site, and "My Tickets" section of your account.

  3. Find the option to "Download your tickets here"

  4. Click on "Download your tickets here" (Shown below in Fig A)

Fig A

  1. This will open up a receipt for your ticket, your redemption code is the 8 digit code beneath the QR code on the top right (Shown below in Fig B)

(Fig B)

  1. Log in to Sansar.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Find the event that you want to redeem a ticket for (Examples shown below in Fig C )

(Fig C )

9. Click on "Get Ticket" (Shown below in Fig D )

(Fig D)

10. In the Payment page, click on "Use redemption code"

11. Enter your redemption code!

12. Claim your ticket!

The "Purchase ticket" button should now indicate that you have a ticket and are ready to go!

You will now be able to attend the event of your choice and enjoy the show! Please note, this redemption code cannot be redeemed on mobile. To redeem the code you must do so on the internet. However, once the code is redeemed it will work on mobile.

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