The Nexus

The Nexus is the central hub of Sansar's many worlds; only the Prime Portal, which is located at the center of The Nexus, provides access to all other discoverable worlds. Since The Nexus serves as a natural crossroads and gathering place, several areas have been set aside for social interaction.

The Prime Portal

Located at the center of The Nexus, the Prime Portal provides access to every discoverable world in Sansar. The Prime Portal is the primary way for you to find new worlds to add to your Codex, which automatically records the worlds you visit and allows you to revisit them later without needing to access the Prime Portal.

Accessing the Prime Portal

To access the Prime Portal, approach it and interact with one of its curved pillars using your mouse cursor or VR controller. This opens the Prime Portal panel, which displays a feed of different worlds sorted by different categories:

  • Events - A queue of upcoming events in Sansar, sorted by events starting soonest. For more information about events, see Attending events in Sansar.

  • Popular - Worlds that receive a high volume of visitors.

  • Featured - Worlds currently featured by the Sansar team.

  • Community Favorites - Worlds sorted by the number of "Favorites" they have received.

  • New - The most newly created worlds.

  • Recent - Recently updated worlds, regardless of their creation date.

You may also search for a world using the world's name or the creator's name, using the Search worlds field at the top of the panel. Enter part or all of the name, and the matching search results appear automatically.

Visiting a new world

To visit a world displayed in the Prime Portal panel, move your cursor over the world's thumbnail and click the Visit button.

You can view additional information about the world by clicking elsewhere in the thumbnail image. This opens a panel that contains a brief description of the world, as well as statistics for the number of Favorites it has received. If you have visited the world before, you may also use the available buttons to Favorite the world, open a personal portal to the world, or get the world's direct URL.

When you visit a new world for the first time, it is automatically added to your Codex. For more information about the codex and revisiting previously-visited worlds, see The Codex.

Core Portals

There are a number of smaller, secondary portals called Core Portals surrounding the Prime Portal. Some of these portals allow access to one of the facets of the Prime Portal, such as the Events listing, but others can lead to venues for special events or other featured worlds. To activate a Core Portal, approach it and interact with it using your mouse cursor or VR controller.

Gathering spaces

The Nexus is a natural gathering place for visitors and explorers in Sansar; everyone must pass through in order to discover and access new worlds. This makes The Nexus a fun place to linger and watch passing avatars, strike up a conversation, or make new friends. Several seating areas have been set aside at the edges of The Nexus for small social gatherings.

To interact with a seat, approach it and interact with it using you mouse cursor or VR controller. Your avatar should then sit on the seat. To leave the seat, simply use the movement controls to move your avatar and they will stand up automatically.

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