MD Limitations

Marvelous Designer limitations

Some Functions in MD for clothing do not transfer to sansar, so even if you use them they will not work once imported.

Unavailable Functions



Topstitch - Considered too High Poly


Cords and Cord ends


Shoulder pads

High Poly - Sansar will auto decimate MD items below 15k tris.

High Density verts - Sansar will only allow a edge length of 15 or above and will Auto crush anything below.

MD's texture quality will be different in sansar due to compression.

MD is unable to create emissive texture maps.

MD is unable to create Alpha textures that work in sansar.

Rigging information - Sansar cannot read any rigging information from MD it will auto weight once in game.

Sansar has auto weighting issues with long sleeves

Sansar has auto weighting issues with wide pants / long capes

Sansar had auto weighting issues with fabric that is close to other parts like inner thighs, arm pits, and sometimes feet

known working

Buttons & button holes - only one size of button should be used - they are also high poly and will use a lot of your allowance up consider faking them.

Zippers - can be zipped and unzipped in sansar.

Offset - distance from the avatars skin.

Physical properties of fabrics - most if not all properties work


seam taping

Pins - will cary over and can be removed by users.

Steam - known to cause texture issues use sparingly.


layers - cannot be edited in game and can create problems with other items



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