Wearing Accessories

Wearing accessories

You can upload and attach accessory objects to your avatar. Accessories attach to and move with your avatar, and can be used to customize your look. Currently, the types of accessories allowed are: glasses, earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings. Each type of accessory attaches to your avatar and moves in a way that corresponds to that type.

Wearing accessories

  1. While in Sansar, click Create > Style my avatar from the main menu.

  2. Click the Customize button on any avatar in your lookbook.

  3. Click the Accessories tab of the panel at the right side of the screen.

  4. Choose an accessory type from the top row of accessory icons. The types of accessories currently available are: glasses, earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings.

  5. Choose an accessory and click its thumbnail image once to add it to your avatar. You can click again to remove it.

Creator Resources

Avatar reference files

A selection of default avatars, skeletons and poses can be found in the article: Avatar reference files.

Import requirements

See Importing avatar-related items for more information.

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