Importing Custom Scripts

Import a custom script

You must be editing a scene in order to import a custom script, it is suggested to create a blank scene to use for testing purposes as in order to test the script you must build the world and visit.

  1. Navigate to edit mode via the left side menu and edit a scene of your choice or create a new one.

  1. At the top left press 'Import' then 'Script'

  1. Click 'Browse' and choose the script file you wish to import, you can import files with the extensions .cs or .json

  2. Name your script, this is the name it will appear with in your inventory.

  3. Click 'Import' and the importer will start compiling, if the script compiles it is now added to your inventory, if not check the log tab for more information on what the problem may be.

  4. You can now test your script by adding it to a object in the scene then you must build and visit the world during runtime to test. If you are the owner of a world you can press CTRL+D to open the Debug window for scripts in a scene, this is where your Log.Write(" ") messages would appear for your scripts.

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