Keyboard Shortcuts for Styling Your Avatar

You can use these controls for avatar customization.

Keyboard shortcuts (styling your avatar)

Controls for avatar customization

Action buttons

Use these controls when editing objects placed in a scene:

  • CTRL + Z: Undo

  • CTRL + Y: Redo

To change views around the avatar:

  • Use the mouse scroll wheel: Zoom in / away from the avatar.

  • Press on the left / right mouse button: Turn the avatar clockwise / counter-clockwise.

Use these controls when modifying the face of a default avatar in the Face tab:

  • Press W: Switch to Translate, which allows you to move the highlighted area up, down, front, back, left and right.

  • Press E: Switch to Rotate, which allows you to rotate the highlighted area in different directions. Note that rotate has been disabled for some highlighted face parts.

  • Press R: Switch to Scale, which allows you to resize the highlighted area bigger or smaller.

Use these controls when adjusting a Marvelous designer item:

  • Click on the clothing and hold the Left Mouse Button: Grab a point of the clothing and move it around.

  • Click on a zipper tab on a MD clothing and hold the Left Mouse Button: Pull the zipper up/down the zipper line to open or close the zipper.

  • Click the Middle Mouse Button while holding the Left Mouse Button: Place a pin to hold the point in place even after releasing the point. . Pins stay in place permanently until they are removed, even after you finish customizing your avatar.

  • Click on the pin locations with the Middle Mouse Button: Remove pins individually.

  • Click W+Left Mouse Button: Remove all pins on the item or items that are being adjusted.

Other controls:

  • CTRL + T: Open the chat window to message friends. Nearby chat is disabled.

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