Using the Script Console

Using the Script Console

The script console allow developers to view script log messages in the Sansar client without having to use a helper logging script or commands.

Accessing the Script Console

The script console is only accessible while visiting experiences that you have created. While visiting your created experience, press CTRL+D to toggle the console on and off.


  • Only the experience owner can see the log messages. Other visitors do not see the log messages in the console.

  • The script console starts fetching data once a user enters an experience.

  • The log messages are recorded in real time and the data from previous sessions reset when leaving and re-entering experiences.

  • The Script Console can gather data across instances for that particular experience, but resets when changing instances.

Using the Script Console

Information on the Script Console

The Script Console pulls log messages and reports the messages in color according to LogLevel:

  • Info - Basic informational messages, which are show in white.

  • Error - Error messages, which are shown in red.

  • Warning - Warning messages, which are show in yellow

The Script Console currently shows the following information:

  • Timestamp - The local time at which the first occurrence of the message happens.

  • Occurrence - The number of times in a row the message/tag combo appears.

  • Tag****s - Any user defined tags

  • Message - Any user defined messages

On the upper left side of the Script Console panel, there are three main tabs to filter through log messages:

  • The Output tab - Shows all LogLevel messages: basic informational, error, and warning message. The Output tab shows the following data: _ _

  • The Error****s tab - Shows only error messages. The Errors tab shows the following data: _ _

  • The Warnings tab - Shows only warning messages. The Warnings tab shows the following data:

On the right side of the Script Console panel, there are a few additional options that you can trigger:

  • The Clear button - Clears messages from the active tab of the Script Console.

  • The Scroll Lock checkbox - Toggles scrolling to the latest message logged in the Script Console On or Off.

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