Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing a Scene

The controls in this article are specific to editing a scene with a mouse and keyboard. For additional controls available while visiting an experience, see Keyboard shortcuts (visiting an experience).

To see available controls using other controllers, see Sansar controls.

Edit mode camera controls

Use these controls when editing a scene in desktop mode:

  • Arrow keys: Move the camera forward, backward, left, and right.

  • W,A,S,D: Move the camera forward, backward, left, and right.

  • E,C: Move the camera up and and down.

  • I,J,K,L: Rotates the camera, If a object is 'Focused' orbits the object.

  • NUMPAD+ and NUMPAD- : Increase and decrease camera speed.

  • Hold left click and drag: Move the camera left and right.

  • Hold right click and drag: Rotate the camera up, down, left, and right.

  • F key : Focus to a selected object, camera rotation will orbit selection.

  • ScrollWheel Zooms in and out of a selected or 'focused' object

Action buttons

Use these controls when editing objects placed in a scene:

Selecting objects

  • Left Click: Select an object or expose the translate tools to move the object.

  • Shift Left/Right Click Clicking one object after another selects multiple objects while shift is held.

  • Right Click Opens the objects options menu, Will also select if nothing is selected.

  • Double Left Click Opens the properties menu of a object.

  • Shift Left Click and drag: Box Select Multiple Objects.

Moving Objects

  • Hold CTRL while an object is selected: Changes the translate tool to rotate.

  • Hold CTRL + SHIFT while an object is selected: Changes the translate tool to scale.

  • CTRL + Z : Undo last action.

  • CTRL + Y : Redo last Undo.

  • CTRL + D : Duplicates selected objects.

  • Delete or Backspace button: Deletes selected objects.

Note: If multiple objects are selected movement controls will be located at a center of all selected objects origins.

Other Hotkeys

  • CTRL + L key: Move Lock, Stops a object from being moved

  • ALT + L : Edit Lock, Disables all options in the properties menu of the object except movement ones.

  • CTRL + P : Opens the Properties menu of a selected object.

  • CTRL + M : Opens the Materials Window of a selected Object.

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