Deploying a new scene to an existing experience

By deploying a scene, you can link a copy of the scene from any experience in your My Experiences panel to any other experience you own. For example, you can experiment with an unpublished "draft" copy of one of your existing experiences, and only deploy the changes to the published, "live" experience once you are satisfied with the results.

Deploying a scene

To deploy a copy of a scene from one experience to another, you must have already created at least two experiences:

  1. Open the My Experiences panel by choosing Create > Build experiences from the main menu.

  2. Find the experience you would like to deploy (copy), and choose ... > Deploy scene.

  3. In the panel that appears, choose a name for the new copy of the scene that will be created. If you plan to update this experience regularly, you may wish to include an identifier such as a date or version number in the scene name.

  4. From the dropdown menu under Move the scene copy into this experience, choose one of your existing experiences to receive the scene.

  5. Click Deploy to copy the scene and replace the existing scene in the selected experience. The existing scene becomes unlinked but is not deleted when the new copy is deployed. The copied scene is not affected.

To deploy a copy of a scene from one experience to another, choose ... > Deploy scene, choose a name for the new (copied) scene, and choose an experience to receive the deployed copy. Click Deploy to complete the process.

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