Saving and Building A Scene

Saving and building your scene

As a world creator, you will spend a lot of time within the Scene Editor, where you can edit your scene and populate it with content. This article focuses on the three action buttons on the scene toolbar found within the Scene Editor that allows you to:

Save your progress

The Save button allows you to save your most recent changes in your scene. We highly encourage you to save your progress frequently to avoid losing your changes.

Note: Saved changes are not automatically pushed out to the live version of your scene. You must build your scene first before it can be visited.

Build your scene

Building the scene is an important step in creating your world and enabling it to be visited and shared. When you click Build, Sansar creates a live version of the scene with the most recent changes.

Things to remember when building your scene:

  • If you want to test your scene, make sure to hit the Build button so that you can visit the scene and check your changes.

  • When you press Build on a world that is currently published, the new changes are automatically pushed out and become the version that visitors see when they visit your world.

Note: A scene needs to be linked to a world in order to visit it.

Publish your world

If you want to share your creation publicly, you can publish it. See Publishing options for worlds for more information.

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