Working With Lights

Lights are intangible sources of light that can illuminate your scene.

Working with lights in Sansar

Light types

There are three types of lights in Sansar: directional, point, and spot lights - all of which behave differently. It is important to choose the right light in your scene to achieve the right effect. See Light types for information on the three types.

Global illumination

Global illumination simulates the way light reflects off objects in a scene. For more information, see Global illumination.

Adding lights to a scene

To add an object to your scene, click on the object and drag it into the scene area. This action adds the object into the scene objects list and creates a model which you can position and edit in the scene.

Adding lights to an object

You can edit objects and add lights on it to make the object emit light. You can add any of the three light types on an object. See adding lights under Object editing.

Additionally, you can import 3D models with point lights already in place as part of an .fbx file.

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